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Being raised in a family who sought artistic enriching activities naturally created a foundation for my own ideas.  The problem was the majority of these ideas were explored only within the safe confines of my internal creative realm where I could protect and nurture their existence without having to openly navigate their call to light.  So for a long while, I outwardly suppressed my desires and kept them safely hidden.  It wasn't until many years after college that I finally allowed this guarded side to slowly reveal itself.  Little by little the ideas started to materialize so I courageously took that next step forward and allowed the visions to take form.

So the Art section of Visual constitutes my ongoing discovery.  By allowing myself to be completely vulnerable, I extend myself the gift of transformation.  Whewwwww…this is going to be an adventure!!  The first expression that stepped forward came through an early college experience.  I once had a professor exclaim that my handwriting created a "lullaby effect" and to please refrain from writing cursive because it put her to sleep.  She was completely respectful in her request and I absolutely took it as a compliment.  So I though, why not combine my handwriting with the power of strong affirming words.  As someone who advocates their use daily this just felt like a natural fit.  Beautiful uplifting positive affirming words are the breath behind all my creative endeavors.  And although this style is at the pinnacle of my artistic flow, other forms of expression are finding their way to the light as well.  Like charcoals.  I've always had a fondness.  There just seems to be something otherworldly about working with this medium and all it's multiple variations.  It really speaks to my inner make-up artist persona and provides yet another avenue for artistic expression.  My goal is to continually allow room for each artistic awakening to flow freely with hopes of eventually releasing ALL:)